Get Started Guide: How to organise your fridge with the Stackable Edit

Get Started Guide: How to organise your fridge with the Stackable Edit

At CLOSSY, we love an organised fridge - and not just because it looks beautiful. An organised fridge can help you to reduce food waste, to shop and consume more thoughtfully and, ultimately, it can help you to save money on your weekly food shop.

We all have different food storage needs depending on our family size and what we like to eat but the great thing about The CLOSSY Stackable Edit is that it allows you to stack and store your way.

Here’s a guide on how to get started and organise your fridge with the CLOSSY Stackable Edit: 


1. One size fits most 

Our products are designed to fit seamlessly in a standard single door refrigerator where one horizontal stack is made up of two of our stackable standard size bins or drawers and one stackable slim bin.

If your fridge is not standard size, or you are unsure as to whether our product will fit in your fridge, you can check the exact dimensions of each individual product on the product page. Whatever your fridge dimensions, the Stackable Edit can be curated and configured to work for you.

2. Plan your fridge, stack by stack, based on what you buy and eat

We recommend planning your organised fridge line by line, or stack by stack while thinking about the products you buy, eat and store most frequently.

If you like eggs, our Stackable Egg Bin is a must. It can store up to 15 eggs and keeps them fresher for longer. Read more on why you should store your eggs in the fridge here.

Love berries? Our Stackable Berry Drawer is a real hero in the collection. It comes complete with two removable colanders that allow you to wash and drain your fruit and berries in situ before popping them directly into the fridge. This product allows you to store two different types of fruit or berries at the same time and means that you always have fresh produce that you can grab and go.

We are all about choice and customisation, which is why both our Stackable Divided Bin and Stackable Divided drawer both come with removable dividers. Use our Stackable Divided Bin with no dividers to organise soft drinks or keep them in place and add a lid to store cheeses.

Our Slim Bin will always complete the stack. We love it to store yoghurts, juices, condiments or fresh product like celery or carrots  that are longer in length.

3. Create extra space with our clever Hanging Fridge Drawers 

Extra space is always a good thing and that’s exactly why we love our Hanging Fridge Drawers. These clever drawers attach to your fridge shelf with springs, making the most of that blank vertical space in between shelves.

Each Hanging Fridge Drawer comes with removable dividers so you can keep them super organised and customise your storage to suit your needs. We love these drawers for lunchbox snacks, yoghurts, cheeses or as a dedicated space for raw or sliced meats.

We recommend using this product in sets of two for standard fridge sizes. Check out our quick and easy install guide over on the CLOSSY Instagram.


4. Clean before you organise

A clean fridge is always a great starting point for getting organised. Check out the CLOSSY Instagram page for tips on how to clean your fridge quickly but effectively. 

We recommend washing your CLOSSY products with warm soapy water before using them. Don’t put them in the dishwasher as they may warp and don’t use any abrasive products while cleaning them as this may result in scratching. Dry with paper towels or a soft, dry dish cloth.  


5. The Everywhere Edit is another great collection to use in your fridge

Versatility is at the core of our brand with all of our products are created to be used in multiple ways. Like the Stackable Edit, the Everywhere Edit is made from recyclable food grade PET and can be used for food storage.

 The Everywhere Medium Storage bin is great for meal planning or storing larger produce and two fit nicely onto a fridge shelf. We love the Everywhere Shallow Storage Bin for keeping raw meats separate to the rest of our shop on the bottom shelf of the fridge.



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