Declutter & Organise: 3 Toy Storage Solutions you wish you knew about sooner

Declutter and Organise: Three Toy Storage Solutions for Kids Toys and Crafts CLOSSY
With kids comes lots of coloured plastic, messy crafts and all-round chaos and we wouldn't have it any other way! But toys and crafts don't need to take over your entire home. Here are three simple but effective toy storage solutions to help you calm the every day chaos of life with small children.

1. The Everywhere Bin in Large

We love the Everywhere Edit because it can be used, well, everywhere! But, our absolute favourite way to use this product is for kids toy storage. The Everywhere Bin Large is just the right size to store and organise everything from wooden toys, to blocks to Play-Doh, books, puzzle and games. 

What's more, this product is perfect for small children. It's super durable, comes with handles for little hands to be able to grasp and it is transparent so that your child can easily see what's inside

It's big enough to separate and organise but small enough to fit on shelves and in cupboards without being too heavy. The perfect playroom storage solution! 

2. The Everywhere Bin Shallow

Just like the Everywhere Bin Large, the Everywhere Bin Shallow is durable, transparent and has handles making it easy to grasp for small children. 

Fed up of constantly having puzzles jumbled up or big cardboard boxed to have to grapple with when you open your cupboards? The Everywhere Bin Shallow is super for storing puzzles and smaller toys like Tonies that are prone to getting lost, or for organising and storing colouring pencils and markers in drawers. The best part? The Everywhere Shallow bins are stackable and fit seamlessly in a shallow drawer so you can use them to suit your space. 

3. Durable Storage Jars in Medium and Small 

We love the Durable Storage Jar collection for storing, organising and displaying arts and crafts in a convenient but stylish way. Transparent, durable and stackable these storage jars are perfect for little hands. We love them for storing small toys (Lego, we are looking at you!), markers, bubbles, face-paints and everything in between. 

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