Egg Storage 101: Why the Fridge is the Best Place for Your Eggs

Egg Storage 101: Why the Fridge is the Best Place for Your Eggs

Where you should store your eggs is an age-old dilemma with many households keeping their eggs in different places.

Here at CLOSSY we are passionate about reducing food waste and extending the life of produce through our range of smart and stylish storge solutions. After some deep eggsploration into the subject we can reveal that the optimum environment to store your eggs is the fridge.


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Here’s the science bit…

The primary concern affecting where and how you store your eggs is Salmonella, a type of bacteria which can cause serious illness if it enters the food supply. How different countries treat their eggs for Salmonella determines whether they need to be refrigerated or not.

In the United States, because of the washing process used to treat eggs for Salmonella, the FDA requires commercially sold eggs to be stored and transported below 7 degrees C. In most European countries, this washing process is not used so it is not considered necessary to store eggs in the fridge – which is where the fridge versus pantry debate comes into play.


Egg Storage Recommendations in Ireland

Although it is not strictly necessary to store eggs in the fridge here in Ireland, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland does recommend it for consumers.

They advise that, while retailers should keep eggs in store at ambient temperature to prevent condensation forming on the cold egg on the transport home from the shops, the consumer should refrigerate the eggs once home.

The secret to storing eggs for optimum freshness, and to prevent them from spoiling, is keeping the temperature consistent. This is why the best place to store your eggs is in the fridge. Eggs stored in the fridge last twice as long as eggs stored at room temperature.


Never Store Eggs in the Fridge Door

Although many fridges are designed with egg trays on the door, this is, in fact the worst place you can store them because of inconsistency in temperatures. It’s recommended to store your eggs in the middle shelves, where the temperature is most consistent.

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